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Indefinite character

#1 03.02.2009 20:37
Some lines in the Russian forum has an indefinite character.
Most likely, these lines are not properly cut?

You can try to add the line in common.php

/* ======== Connect to the SQL DB======== */
sed_sql_connect($cfg['mysqlhost'], $cfg['mysqluser'], $cfg['mysqlpassword'], $cfg['mysqldb']);
unset($cfg['mysqlhost'], $cfg['mysqluser'], $cfg['mysqlpassword']);
sed_sql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8' COLLATE 'utf8_unicode_ci'");//motor
Отредактировано: motor2hg (03.02.2009 21:14, 13 лет назад)
#2 10.02.2009 19:43
This was due to a problem in our database, which has been fixed now.