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#16 04.02.2009 06:09
1. So do I have to convert my database in UTF-8? I'm worring about the missing of italians characters...

1. Also here on cotonti.com automatic refresh doesn't go well... it's disabled or you're having the same problem as me?
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#17 04.02.2009 06:47
I think you could try contacting your hosting support, probably they can do something on default encoding of webserver output. I don't really want to force everybody moving to utf-8.

Autorefresh is disabled here. But I don't exclude the possibility of bugged autorefresh in current markItUp! version if you say so. Just needs a bit testing on localhost.
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#18 04.02.2009 08:25
I've tried markitup in localhost and online, with the latest version from author's website... problems remain... strange characters (also in local, where I can set what I want) and no autorefresh in preview...

P.S. I'm doing Italian translation of main.lang and other lang files... I hope it will be usefull and nobody was already doing that...
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#19 04.02.2009 15:17
The translation would be great, thanks.
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#20 05.02.2009 03:58
Ok, I'll do my best to complete the work quickly :-) ...but I'm still waiting for a solution to my charset problem :-(
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#21 05.02.2009 04:12
Basically, mixing charsets is a very bad idea. So you have to decide using one charset and converting everything into it.
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#22 05.02.2009 04:59
So are you saying that if I'll set charset and collation in database to ISO-8859-1 (leaving untouched the datas that would be inserted in that charset by Server in these two years) and also headers in webpages to ISO-8859-1 all would go well?

But some posts ago you told me:
You see AJAX uses UTF-8 by default, that's why previews are often messed. But sending correct header() with exact charset usually fixes the problem

I'm confused... :-O
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#23 05.02.2009 13:21
Cotonti sql-updater gives me an error and fails to work

After I follow the other steps I get a site that looks like this cotoni site! but after I log in, the skin of my site changes back to my old skin. When I goto my profile to change it back to SED-LIGHT i get an error, this also happens when I try to edit or create new things
2009-02-05 20:11
Fatal error : Wrong parameter in the URL
And if i try to access the Admin I just get a blank white page
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#24 06.02.2009 14:18
donP, be careful. What you said should work if all your existing data is in ISO-8859-1. But mixing charsets would be quite dangerous.

Generally we recommend moving to UTF-8 to add multilingual support. But in the end that is personal choice.

musashi9, any details on your server? OS, MySQL and PHP version would be helpful.
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#25 06.02.2009 16:59
my Admin page now works after deleting all the system php files and re uploading them
but i still can't click submit on anything without getting that fatal error.

details from my host

Type Debian

MySQL Version
MySQL Version 5.0.45

Perl Version
Perl 5.8.8

PHP Version
PHP 5.2.2

I also noticed that on my pages with downloads. The download button says "THIS DOWNLOAD IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO REGISTERED MEMBERS", even though I am logged in as Admin
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#26 06.02.2009 20:37
Now I strangely solved the problem setting-up UTF-8 only for markitup prevew, like this:
in markitup.ajax.php
header('Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8');
instead of the default
header('Content-type: text/html; charset='.$cfg['charset']);

So, now I have my website headers declaration set to ISO-8859-1, my MySql database with collation and charser set to unicode-utf8-ci, my database datas (I think) inserted with ISO-8859-1 format... :-/ but all seems to go well :-O

The refresh problem has caused by an error (I think) in markitup.setup.php:

Instead of
autorefresh=01:radio::0 preview auto-refresh
I put
autorefresh=01:select:true,false:false:Enable preview auto-refresh

Now, it seems to be in order...
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#27 11.03.2009 05:03
is there a dutch language already? or can i use my dutch seditio language

here a script to convert your databse to UTF8

<title>Convert MySQL Database to UTF-8</title>

// Fill in your configuration below
$db_server      = 'localhost';
$db_user      = '';
$db_password   = '';
$db_name      = '';

// Do not change anything below this

$connection = mysql_connect($db_server, $db_user, $db_password) or die( mysql_error() );
$db = mysql_select_db($db_name) or die( mysql_error() );

$sql = 'SHOW TABLES';
if ( !($result = mysql_query($sql)) )
   print '<span style="color: red;">SQL Error: <br>' . mysql_error() . "</span>\n";

// Loop through all tables in this database
while ( $row = mysql_fetch_row($result) )
   $table = mysql_real_escape_string($row[0]);
   $sql2 = "ALTER TABLE $table DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci";
   if ( !($result2 = mysql_query($sql2)) )
      print '<span style="color: red;">SQL Error: <br>' . mysql_error() . "</span>\n";
   print "$table changed to UTF-8 successfully.<br>\n";

   // Now loop through all the fields within this table
   $sql3 = "SHOW COLUMNS FROM $table";
   if ( !($result3 = mysql_query($sql3)) )
      print '<span style="color: red;">SQL Error: <br>' . mysql_error() . "</span>\n";

   while ( $row3 = mysql_fetch_row($result3) )
      $field_name = $row3[0];
      $field_type = $row3[1];
      // Change text based fields
      $skipped_field_types = array('char', 'text', 'blob', 'enum', 'set');
      foreach ( $skipped_field_types as $type )
         if ( strpos($field_type, $type) !== false )
            $sql4 = "ALTER TABLE $table CHANGE `$field_name` `$field_name` $field_type CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin";
            if ( !($result4 = mysql_query($sql4)) )
               print '<span style="color: red;">SQL Error: <br>' . mysql_error() . "</span>\n";
               break 3;
            print "---- $field_name changed to UTF-8 successfully.<br>\n";
   print "<hr>\n";


#28 13.03.2009 02:42
I presume this also will work on the 0.0.3 release?
#29 13.03.2009 03:08
With one extra sql that needs to be imported - 002-003.sql

Will be making a tutorial on encoding in case your database needs this (most do), as well as upgrading. Soon.
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#30 13.03.2009 04:35
ok, thx Lombi.. I'll wait for that then...