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Little changes to the API

#9072 01.03.2009 08:41
been looking to redo my own work to use the engine dynamic fields functionalitiy instead. im a big fan of dynamic and optional content.

Just this second starting to use the below. Only at Add stage. however. i find it prepends 'sed_' to the database section.


I dont know how others feel. however i feel it would be stronger if it did not append 'sed_' automaically. I would rather keep my table names individual. Rather than starting them with sed. I know it seems a little rant, i can just change my table names. prob to sed_prefix_tablename. it's still just limiting things a bit. What do you guys think?

line 4575
	$fieldsres = sed_sql_query("SELECT * FROM sed_$sql_table LIMIT 1");