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#879 03.09.2008 22:01
It seems that we can use sed_outputfilters() to modify <title> and <metas> at the end of parsing.

I mean, this should be in core, so each plugin can add to it its own title/metas format.
We can use $location and $z global variables as a KEY

(NOTE: I will discuss this later in Ideas section, where Id like to propose a new plugins feature that will allow for multiple "standalone" pages within one plugin, which makes $location & $z no longer sufficient, so the easiest workaround is to make $location an array instead)

As a "text source" we could use similar "variable mapping system" to this known from XTemplate class, ie:

{PHP.page_title} => replacement defined in PHP as $page_title
{} => replacement defined in PHP as $array['page']
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