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Let the user choose his prefered text composing method

#37248 16.03.2013 19:45

I already have this idea for some time, but since there have been recent browser issues with the new ckeditor version it came to my attention again.

In forum software like SMF, a registered user is able to choose his prefered editor for composing new messages. This is something I definitely miss in cotonti from the beginning. In most cases I personally don't need a blowed message editor with all possible features, aspecially in forums and comment forms. If I need formating features, bbcode buttons like in the old markitup are good enough or even simple html. And as a blind user, simple text boxes are more accessible to my screen-reading software than complex browser apps, even if ckeditor is accessible in most parts.

As a matter of course this is only my personal opinion, but other users also might have special needs. So instead of one side wide editor I'd like to have my favorite editor selectable in user profile.