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T3 Modcp is an easy tool to manage your site's content and members. This plugin isn't created to replace your moderators actions, it will mainly help you to do this job.

Features :
-- Easy management of the reports & warnings reasons.
-- Ability to add custom reasons for warnings.
-- Posts, Pages, Comments and Users reports.
-- Automatically generated item snapshot during report.
-- Easy and smart navigation in the backend with paginated results. (sedplus inc)
-- Open, close, delete reports.
-- Activate, archive, edit, delete warnings.
-- Active and total warnings counter for each user.
-- Users can't report themselves.
-- Auto notify warned users.
-- Full logging of the mods actions with the seditio logs system.
-- Cached header notices.
-- Display active warnings in user's profile.
-- Ability to sort warnings and reports by the warned and the reporter.


Siena version is available here

1. adapted for cotonti
2. base automatically install
3. added Russian translation
4. moved up navigation menu for correct display markitup
5. Use standard sed_pagination
6. Textboxer changed with markitup
Tested and fixed by esclkm

1. HarryRag  04.02.2009 06:08
Can't download the file, see the name "Download : T3 Modcp"
But there is no size mentioned, and clicking the download link directs me to the main page.
2. esclkm  05.02.2009 15:25
I dont know in what reason download with this link
3. Brock  01.03.2009 05:30
This plugin is not working for me. None of the buttons are showing up for reporting it.
4. Blikes  25.06.2009 10:39
Not working for me either, The Buttons won't show up.
5. young mone  10.07.2009 11:58
its 38.8kb
6. foxhound  27.01.2011 07:57
This plugin has a bug with the pagination in the comments.

The warn and report buttons will only show on the first page of the comments. If you have more comments than should be displayed on one page the comments on the second page will miss the mod_cp buttons.
7. Lover  11.10.2014 06:09

İts not working for Siena ! must be someone update ?

8. Lipnitsky  06.01.2019 20:24

Сырой и очень кривой плагин.

9. Kopusha  06.01.2019 20:24

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