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young mone
#1 2011-03-27 20:18

am i the only who has done this? i would like to know if others have because i ran into some problems 

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#2 2011-03-29 10:45

Many have done this. Just share with us where you are stuck and what you have done so others can try to help.


Have you watched the instuction videos how to convert your DB from Seditio to Cotonti?

The skin you convert by just comparing the example skin included with the Cotonti CMS to your Seditio skin files and add,replace,remove tags where necassary.

<img src="" alt="green-sea-battalion-uniforms-version-03-" />
#3 2014-05-31 20:36

The videos do not work, either taken down or made private some how.  Any other documentation?

#4 2014-06-01 07:52

Here you can find your needed information:

See: 2.1. Upgrading from Seditio



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