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Collaborative project

#1 2009-09-22 00:58
OpenID is a technology that allows people to use the same Account/ID on many sites and saves time filling in registration forms, profile information and of course remembering passwords for every single site out of hundreds. If you want to learn more about how it works, spend 15 minutes reading

Currently OpenID accounts are provided by: Google, Yahoo, Myspace, Flickr, Livejournal, AOL, Blogger, Hyves, Orange, and several specialized OpenID providers. You can also use your OpenID to log into Facebook and Windows Live, although these sites don't provide their accounts via OpenID yet.

Many modern CMS have OpenID support either built-in (e.g. Drupal) or available via third-party plugins (e.g. Wordpress OpenID plugin). There is no OpenID support for Cotonti available yet and this is what we want to change by starting this collaborative project.

Probably someone could do it for free somewhen but nobody knows who that someone is and when that somewhen happens. We are able to make it come true soon by hiring developers and sharing expenses.

Technically an OpenID consumer support means implementing these features:
  1. Let new users register quickly with their OpenID as well as normal Cotonti registration. In case of OpenID it will copy available profile details from existing account.
  2. Let users login with their OpenID as well as their Cotonti account.
  3. Let existing users specify OpenID in their profile and use it to log in.
There is a PHP Library which will help a lot implementing it. We only need Consumer support, because Service provider means running a certified OpenID registrar which we are not likely to want.

Now that you have some idea about the project we need to know if you are interested in it. There are 3 roles in it:
  1. Investors are interested in using the plugin on their sites and are able to invest money into the project. Investors share expenses among each other which is much cheaper than if they ordered it personally.
  2. Developers are interested in working on the project and getting paid for it. They should have both practical interest in it and skills to implement it. There may be one or several developers.
  3. Project manager is person who controls everything: specification, cash flow, work progress and results. It may be either one of investors or one of developers.
The resulting plugin will be available for everyone under BSD license and will help Cotonti gain more power.

Please post here if you'd like to participate in this project. As an investor you should tell how much money you can contribute (either in percent of total expenses or some absolute sum). As a developer tell why you want to do it and what relevant skills you have. Any opinion is appreciated as well.
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#2 2009-09-22 07:03
I've thought about doing a openid plugin or something a couple times. So sure i'll help with this too.
#3 2009-10-14 23:32
I am willing to be an Investor.

I can contribute a substantial amount of money towards the cost of production. I can afford, 150$ per two week notice. If need be, I can upfront a certain amount, but need to have at least a month prep in investment amount.

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