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#1 2009-04-09 03:34
Ok, the idea was to remove from admin.lang.php following strings:
$L['core_comments'] = 'Comments';
$L['core_forums'] = 'Forums';
$L['core_lang'] = 'Languages';
$L['core_main'] = 'Main Settings';
$L['core_menus'] = 'Menu Slots';
$L['core_page'] = 'Pages';
$L['core_parser'] = 'Parser';
$L['core_pfs'] = 'Personal File Space';
$L['core_plug'] = 'Plugins';
$L['core_pm'] = 'Private Messages';
$L['core_polls'] = 'Polls';
$L['core_ratings'] = 'Ratings';
$L['core_skin'] = 'Skins';
$L['core_time'] = 'Time and Date';
$L['core_title'] = 'Titles';
$L['core_trash'] = 'Trash Can';
$L['core_users'] = 'Users';
Many of these are already declared in main.lang.php, but the task proved to be much more difficult because the list in /admin.php?m=config is generated with
		while ($row = sed_sql_fetcharray($sql))
			$code = "core_".$row['config_cat'];
			$adminmain .= "<li><a href=\"".sed_url('admin', "m=config&n=edit&o=core&p=".$row['config_cat'])."\">".$L[$code]."</a></li>";
I tried to replace it with
		while ($row = sed_sql_fetcharray($sql))
			$code =ucfirst(strtolower($row['config_cat']));
			$adminmain .= "<li><a href=\"".sed_url('admin', "m=config&n=edit&o=core&p=".$row['config_cat'])."\">".$L[$code]."</a></li>";
, but main is already occupied (and used in polls config), page has to actually be pages (skin too), PFS has to be changed to Pfs with numerous revisions in the core.
So the idea of unifying terminology is discarded, at least for now. Any opinions? - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти