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#1 2009-04-01 17:37
I saw your discussion about OOP in poll... OOP CMSes/frameworks I experienced so far are like managing your database, virtually creating new objects. I THINK this can be achieved in more simple way:

... You can think about creating a plugin wizard with embedded MySQL managing tool.

Plugin wizard would be divided in many sections. My vision is as follows:

A. Defining plugin name.
B. Creating plugin:
    1. Input creation section (optional),
    2. Data section (MySQL management & Cotonti DataFetch) (required),
    3. Custom functions (optional)
    4. Display section (required).
C. Saving plugin files

Plugin wizard would create a folder in /plugins and create each plugin php/tpl file.


1. Input creation section: You can define fields to input data which then will be saved/processed. You'll be able to make a composition of textareas, simple text fields, file upload, image upload, checkboxes, etc. In some plugins this would not be required.

2. Data section:
- Creating Database structure and synchronizing it with Input fields
- ... and/or DataFetch wizard, which would allow to fetch already present Cotonti data. In some simple plugins DataFetch would be enough.

3. Advanced section: Custom functions + Database re-synchronization of custom output.

4. Display section: Define display logic, template {TAGS} and create templates themselves.

This would allow to create simple plugins, like e.g. Dashboard, using only DataFetch & Display sections.

What do you think?

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#2 2009-04-02 01:10
This is already in progress at a very early stage. No more details for now, I just need to work more on it.
May the Source be with you!