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#32288 2011-12-27 02:54

Hey there community,

I've recently been working on the idea of creating a social network feel within Cotonti's user system, and I wanted to give everyone a preview of what's in-store with this extension. I have no intention of making a facebook duplicate out of Cotonti, but merely taking some of the interesting features (such as user walls, friends list, photo albums, etc..), and incorperating them into the users module to make your website a little more interactive.

I've made some pretty good progress within the last two nights, and I hope to complete the extension within the next couple of days. Here is a list of features I plan to include in the initial release:

  • Friends List - Add friends and allow them to post on your wall.
  • User Wall - Post your own statuses, have your friends comment on them, allows friends to post on your wall.

Whats to come in the future:

  • Like/Dislike - can't create a social network without the like button (or +1 for you google people)
  • Photo Ablums - using the default photo option from your profile isn't cutting it..

Here are some screen shots of my current progress.. everything you see in them is completely functional so far.

(and yes.. that is my tattoo in this picture cheeky)

cotonti-social-preview-1_89.png cotonti-social-preview-2_89.png cotonti-social-preview-3_89.png

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