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Collect page in group

Plugin for collect pages in groups by specified field. For example, if you have an Internet shop that sells handkerchiefs in the category of "Silk scarves" is except shawls with various patterns and even a polka dot scarves 5 differences between them only in the color of peas that using this plugin you can combine pages headscarves in peas in the same group. Then in the category will be displayed only one polka dot scarf, but next to it will be "switcher" by the color of peas. Switching within the group is fast and easy with the help of AJAX. For the functional store that gives everyone the opportunity to have a product (even with minor differences) a separate page. Since then the use of plug-in versatile he can be, not only for online shopping, but also other kinds of sites.

1. Macik  2013-09-13 10:41

Have any demo site?

2. Oughtem  2013-09-13 18:51


3. musashi9  2013-10-12 23:58

What to name the plugin folder?

Now = cot-pagegroup-1.0

I rename to pagegroup and my extensions  page (to install) fails to load

4. Dayver  2013-10-16 02:21

folder name should be pagegroup

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