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Twitter feeds for Cotonti

Twitti is a Twitter feed reader for Cotonti. It supports both site-defined feeds for your frontpage, but also user-defined feeds for the user profiles and forum signatures.

- Reads public Twitter RSS feeds
- Display latest Tweets from a specific user or tag (#abc) on index and on a standalone page
- Display user's latest Tweets in his/her profile
- Display user's latest Tweet as his/her forum signature (replaces regular sig)
- Completely skinnable and localisable, includes english and dutch by default

Known issues:
- Can slow down forums if many users use it

- Upload files to your plugins dir
- Install plugin in adminpanel
- Update your users.profile.tpl, add {USERS_PROFILE_TWITTER}

Forum topic about Twitti
Preview here and here

1. aiwass  2010-05-13 18:03
It does not work any more. Twitti plugin is dead. Just says "Twitter user-name doesn't exist or has no updates." even if there is a functioning user-name and available updates.
2. GHengeveld  2010-08-30 01:16
Version 2.0 of this plugin (with OAuth) is here: http://www.cotonti.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=5835

Note that v1.0 doesn't work anymore because Twitter has dropped basic authentication and now only supports OAuth.

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