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Sends all users on the site, a PM

What is it?

This simple plugin, will send ALL users joined on your site, a PM in which you wrote.

How to install?

Install like any other simple plugin not requiring tags or SQL:
Unpack, upload the contents to: plugins/masspm/files.....
Then install the plugin via the Administration Panel.

How to Use?

Simply go to:

Type the Title of the PM
Then the PM Message

[user] => Will display username for the user receiving the PM
[userid] => Will display the User ID
[fromuser] => Will display the Sender, as set in the configuration of the plugin
[fromid] => Will display the ID sender, as set in the configuration of the plugin


Version 2 Includes:
Better programming
Fixed User right ( Thanks To ez )
Textboxer ( Thanks To ez )

Enjoy :)

1. ez  2010-01-23 21:34
Needs (some) work 5uper Mario...

As far As I can see, everybody can send a mass pm... (by default)
there are very little security checks on this plugin.
You can also send a mass pm pretending you are the webmaster...

SO, BE CAREFULL WITH THIS ONE !! And check the rights !!!!
2. ez  2010-01-24 03:00
putting the word by the deed....
I fixed some off the things and will publish the revision off this plugin soon.
The improved version will:

1) Only admins can use this plug by default
2) improved TPL (markitup included, cleaner CSS validation)
3) You cannot send this mass mail in someone else his/her name.
4) It will send a real email to the users depending on the pmnotify in their userprofile.

These are essential updates, the plug will still need work !!!
3. 5uper Mario  2010-01-24 07:31
I already have the updated version done.
4. ez  2010-01-24 08:15
where can I download yours ? :D

I have the updated version online....
Have fun, Like I said maybe we can combine the code to make a better plugin

My code you can find at: http://ezscript.2basix.nl/page.php?id=36

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