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Gives Admin To Change Postcount

What Is It?

A simple plugin to allow the admin to change users post count number.
For example, if I spam, and get over 200 Posts, a admin can change my post count back to 0.
Or just for fun. ect...

How to install?

Install like any other simple plugin not requiring tags or SQL:
Unpack, upload the contents to: plugins/userpostedit/files.....
Then install the plugin via the Administration Panel.

How to Use?

Simply go to:
Enter the ID # of the user
Enter the Number of Posts you want for that user
Hit submit, and your done.


I know this is a simple plugin, but I was bored, and just thought of it while daydreaming in class :P
Plus, what if somebody for some reason wanted to edit a users post count, but didn't know phpMyAdmin or SQL?
So this is a simple solution to make it happen.

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