Documentation / Quick help & how-to's

  1. Image slider in articles   Instructions for creating a slider of thematic images in news and articles without installing third-party extensions
  2. Showing dates and times in a different format   CoTemplate `cot_date` callback
  3. Truncating text  
  4. Adding Twitter timeline to a Cotonti-powered website   A brief howto describing a way to add twits using JavaScript
  5. Add watermarks for any uploaded images on-the-fly   Simple guide explaining watermark adding technique
  6. Fancybox Integration without plugin   How to integrate Fancybox or lightbox-clone in Cotonti without a plugin
  7. Adding inline pictures with popups using BBCodes / Pageavatar / Fancybox  
  8. Building a Custom Site Quick Start   Any website engine installation is normally an easy task. With a certain amount of skill this routine is usually completed quickly and without complications. Cotonti is no exception.