End-of-life for Seditio End-of-life for Seditio

A few days ago, a message appeared on the Neocrome homepage stating Seditio and Land Down Under development has been discontinued. In case you're not aware: Seditio is the predecessor of Cotonti. Seditio was forked by a small team of developers, and reborn as Cotonti.

The fact that Olivier "Neuro" C. has decided to pull the plug was to be expected. He has probably had trouble finding time and will to work on Seditio the last couple of years. Also, Seditio's popularity and number of (skilled) users has decreased dramatically. Although we can only guess at Olivier's true reasons, we suspect these factors to have played an important role.

More generally, it can be said that the golden era of CMS systems is over. Big players like Drupal and Wordpress have the market, and that's not going to change any time soon. For us, this is one of the reasons to take Cotonti in a different direction, focussing on application development (as a framework) rather than just content management. Luckily, we have an international team of developers rather than a single person running the show, which allows for a higher development pace and better support.

Are you a Seditio user? Consider switching to Cotonti Genoa. It is mostly compatible with Seditio and its plugins, and database migration is possible. You can always ask for support in the forums.

On behalf of the entire Cotonti Team I'd like to thank Olivier for the great work he's done. Cotonti wouldn't exist without all of his efforts and investments. It's the end of a great decade.

1. w1ckd  2011-02-15 20:08
rip neocrome :/,
Still, i wonder what he did with all those downloads?
2. rayblo  2011-02-15 21:24
Nicely said Koradhill
3. diablo  2011-02-17 19:06
all downloads are gone !!!!
4. fade2k  2011-02-18 04:32
I'm surprised @ the lack of notice.. but Cotonti seems to be a safe bet, the developers seem to be on ball and probably are moving in the best direction. I just hope that the framework will be as simple as or keep similar functionality as LDU/Seditio. If not, I guess I'll just have to learn some new stuff lol.
5. GHengeveld  2011-02-20 00:26
@fade2k: we try to stay backwards-compatible as much as possible, so functionality (and structure) is similar.
6. Dilster3000  2011-02-23 03:26
This information is truly shocking. But no serious deal, since Cotonti is around.
7. CJ  2011-03-13 01:10
does anyone have the seditio downloads i need them so i can update from LDU
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