Cotonti Skin Competition Cotonti Skin Competition

A contest for best skins

Cotonti is an agile website engine with rich history and new capabilities arising every release. We like it for its clarity, reliability and speed. But how about more unique layouts available? Let's give this CMS a fresh look and handy controls!

You can do that by entering the skinning contest in 2 nominations at once. First one is web vote: visitors will vote for their favorites and top 3 skins will get a bunch of dollars in addition to their titles. The second nomination is jury prize: if you win it, your skin will become a new default layout of Cotonti with your name and a link to your site shown at the bottom of thousands of pages online!

If you are not a skin maker but would like to support this contest and new skins to emerge, you can make a donation which will be added to the prize.

For more details please visit Cotonti Skin Competition Terms page.
If you have some questions, feel free to ask them in Contest thread on forums.

Submission is open from July 20 to August 20. Then there will be a week for a web vote. Hurry up!

1. musiconly  2009-07-20 03:27
good luck everyone! :-)
2. Sergeich  2009-07-20 08:20
PSD-file - alfa-version for my skin:)
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