Plugin Conversion Campaign Plugin Conversion Campaign

Convert plugins from Genoa/Seditio to Siena and earn money!

Are you missing your beloved Cotonti Genoa / Seditio / LDU plugins in Cotonti Siena? Chin up! Go and add them to our Genoa to Siena Wishlist. If the plugin has functionality which has not been covered yet, then it will participate in the Plugin Conversion Campaign. You can also Donate to support this campaign.

Are you a plugin developer? Help us to convert those plugins and earn money! We will give you $5-15 for each converted plugin from that topic (if confirmed as useful for conversion and not redundant) and even for each plugin which is not in the list but is still useful in Cotonti Siena. The procedure is simple: pick a plugin from the Wishlist topic, and make a post that you are converting that plugin. When you are done, post a link to your results. If the person who originally requested the plugin confirms that the plugin works fine, then you will get the money when the campaign is over. The actual sum ($5, $10 or $15) depends on how difficult the plugin is. The more plugins you convert, the more money you get at the end of the campaign.

The campaign has already started, developers who have already converted plugins in that topic will get money for them! All the conversions should be done and confirmed as completed until September 15th.

If you need more information about the conversion process, please read this guide.

More good news: we have enabled "Thank you" system on this site, so members can thank each other for useful articles, add-ons and replies on forums. Don't hesitate to thank somebody who helps you. People who get thanked often and provide good support and feedback will be given bonuses, either with money or with upgraded privileges. Scammers will be sacked.

Even more good news: we have enabled internationalization on this site, the interface is currently available in 3 languages and will be available in more. Translations of the documentation can be contributed as well, we have added a few Russian translations so far.

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