Upcomming Deadline / Complete Freeze Upcomming Deadline / Complete Freeze

There will be a complete freeze for final preparations before release, beginning Jan 25. This means that everything should be complete before this time. This only applies directly to the "Trunk".

All tickets should be closed, or migrated to the next milestone by Jan 24. No changes will be allowed to the "Trunk" from Jan 25 - Feb 1. Any modifications made that would not be classified as 'security related', 'critical-stoppers', or 'major fixes'(fixes would be defined as something that is broken), will be reverted. Any changes that can not be classified as above, should be saved to be Commited starting back again on Feb 2.

This Freeze period will be used to update cotonti.com to the same revision that is to be used for release, as well as allowing for a testing period, that does not involve any changes. In the case any major problems are found they will be fixed, and updated to be included with the release.

Please note this only applies to the "Trunk" /trunk/, anything in /branches/ may continue to be changed in a normal fashion during this time.

Please be aware and notice that the freeze is in effect now.

1. oc  2009-01-20 06:09
We really need to recheck the codes we wrote. It's not all about security, it's also about simple and clear code writing and speed. "Just because it doesn't make system vulnerable, it is okay" is not okay.

So I'll start to check everything first thing tomorrow.

Other than that, I totaly agree to stop making enhancements because it may have side-effects.
2. Kilandor  2009-01-20 06:21
Yea I can understand.
Thats the main reason so changes can stop being made, and things finalized.

But of course we don't want things broken. But if needed, and if you think its something major, or just must be changed before release, once we have gone into the freeze, and it doesn't fall into one of the categories. Just pass it by Myself or Trustmaster first please :)
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