New IRC Chat New IRC Chat

Not many people use the chat, probably because it was Java. Which mostly sucks.

So I have looked around for a while and found a new solution.

Ajax IRC Client and a new server that hosts it up easy for use. So with just a simple Iframe we have Ajax IRC chat now.

What this means is that anyone can easily use the IRC chat now, i've also included a simple popup link, to open a window with it.


1. Joy  2009-08-05 02:50
its better than the old one but whats buggy is that every time i go there i need to log on with a new account
1st joy28
thn joy25
now joy11
2. Kilandor  2009-08-05 02:51
That is no bug, its not an account either its just a nickname, I have it set to add 2 random numbers, so there likely won't be any naming conflict as there can be tens of thousands of other users on the server.

As also some may be registered, which would kick you off.
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