Cotonti Server Move Cotonti Server Move

First off if your seeing this your DNS has propagated to the new site!

I know this move was a kinda ninja and stealthy, but its for the best!

The team had some slight advanced notice of upcoming move but not when. Previously we was hosted on my shared host, but clearly we have outgrown that, and sometimes having long sql/execution times related to the server. So thanks to Trustmaster, we are on his dedicated server which is located in Germany/Frankfurt.

So there should be much improved performance with executions and such and no worries of a bloated server.

Some people may see improved access speeds and download speeds. Hopefully no one has any decreased speeds due to a new server location.

Sorry if we caused any inconvenience.

Thanks and Enjoy!

1. DemptD  2009-07-28 12:17
Much better speed! On the shared host the site was extremely slow!
2. Kingsley  2009-07-29 19:16
It al goes way smoother now. better loading times, beter download speeds. thx guys!
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