Cotonti Siena 0.9.13 "Kingsley" Cotonti Siena 0.9.13 "Kingsley"

An update of the system which we dedicate to our recently passed away friend

Hello dear Community.

It's time to update your Cotonti instances to the latest and greatest 0.9.13 after several months since Here is what we've got for you:

See release notes for more information.

This release is dedicated to Leslie "Kingsley" Gonggryp, a well known member of LDU, Seditio and then Cotonti community who has recently passed away at the age of 35. You can join our condolences if you knew this guy. Let's continue the good work that he would appreciate.

Rest in peace, Kingsley.

1. Dyllon  2013-03-16 20:09

Wow that's really sad. He was around for such a long time, and to be taken at such an early age.. What a shame. RIP. 

2. MecTruy  2013-03-18 08:56

Bravo Trustmaster ;)

3. Alex300  2013-03-19 06:24
4. elfrenazo  2013-03-19 07:22

updated in memory of Kingsley

5. tensh  2013-03-19 14:29

Thank you for another great update!

6. wAppp  2013-03-19 20:45

Очень печально, вдвойне - за такой ранний уход...


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