Security update 0.9.14 Security update 0.9.14

This release is recommended to most Cotonti users because it fixes a security bug and improves stability

Hi-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab has recently discovered an SQL injection vulnerability in Cotonti's RSS module. This release contains the fix for that bug among many other changes.

In Cotonti Siena 0.9.14 more than 44 issues have been resolved. Besides the bugs fixed, most of them are related to Administration panel and SEO. See release notes for more details.

For RSS module users this update is a must, for the others it is just highly recommended.

1. tensh  2013-08-05 08:39

I noticed with CKeditor, if somebody wants to have the textcolor and background color buttons:

1. download and copy CKeditor plugins from:

to: plugins/ckeditor/lib/plugins/

Download versions 4.1.3, not 4.2.

2. Edit plugins/ckeditor/lib/config.js and replace:

    config.extraPlugins = 'more,oembed';


    config.extraPlugins = 'more,oembed,colorbutton';

That's it :)

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