Siena 0.9.10 released Siena 0.9.10 released

A beta release before 1.0

We are glad to announce you Cotonti Siena 0.9.10 which may be considered as a "beta" because now we are just a few tasks away from 1.0. Here is the list of changes in this release:

  • Simple XML sitemap plugin and Autoalias in the standard package.
  • Cache options in news and recentitems plugins for index page to load faster for guests.
  • Ability to delete a page by clicking a link rather than submitting a form.
  • Custom themes support and fixes in JS/CSS consolidator.
  • "Installed only" view in Administration / Extensions.
  • Custom breadcrumbs resources for themes, resources and lang files in admin themes.
  • Fixed more than 18 bugs.

For more information see release notes.

This month we're starting several important social activities here at, so follow the news feed.

1. Kingsley  2012-06-01 12:19

Niiiiceee! thanks guys..

2. elfrenazo  2012-06-01 20:56
3. Fox  2012-06-02 19:28

За XML карту сайта и плагин Autoalias в коробке СПАСИБО))).

4. Nik Samokhvalov  2012-06-07 08:22

Ура, товарищи, ура! ;-)

5. Leshkens  2012-06-14 19:54

Возможность удаления страниц кликом по ссылке вместо отправки формы.

О да, детка, как я этого ждал...

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