Genoa Update 0.6.11 and Roadmap Changes Genoa Update 0.6.11 and Roadmap Changes

Changes in Cotonti project for November 1st 2010

Genoa updates for November 2010 are available as 0.6.11 release. As usually it contains fixes for recently discovered bugs.

Details and download for Cotonti Genoa 0.6.11

As for more significant changes in Cotonti project, there are 3 most noticeable things:
  1. Koradhil has become our Administrator responsible for site reorganization, documentation reorganization and public affairs in blogosphere and social media.
  2. Cotonti Siena is in alpha testing and development stage. We have completed over 100 tickets by now, most of 0.9.0 features are already available and are still doing major changes.
  3. The Roadmap has been corrected, it is described below.
Our current project schedule looks like this:
  • December 1st 2010: feature freeze for 0.9.0. All major changes are to be done by this date. Then 0.9.0 enters “beta” stage when only bugfixes, minor enhancements and translations will be accepted. During December we will stabilize Siena and move site onto it.
  • December 25th 2010 - January 2nd 2011: within this period 0.9.0 final will be released. This site will be relaunched with a new layout, documentation section, downloads repository and other improvements.
  • January – March 2011: minor releases in 0.9.x branch (0.9.1, 0.9.2. etc.). Goals: rock solid stability, performance optimizations, plugin and module development, easy migration of existing Genoa sites.
  • March 1st or April 1st 2011: by this time we expect 0.9.x to be stable enough, so that it will eventually become 1.0.0.
You can locate the Roadmap in our project tracker. Genoa will be phased out some time after 1.0.0 release, most probably when most sites will have been upgraded, e.g. in June 2011.

1. GHengeveld  2010-11-05 08:30
Siena is going to be so awesome B)
2. MiguelAMX  2010-11-19 12:49
Keep up the good work guys :)
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