Happy 2011 and Siena beta release Happy 2011 and Siena beta release

First of all the Cotonti Team wishes you a Happy 2011!

For Cotonti 2011 will be a very interesting year as we're very close to releasing Siena, which means Cotonti is finally disconnecting from it's predecessor. For those who don't know, Siena has been in development for almost 1½ years. It will bring new features and performance improvements that take Cotonti to the next level, where it's able to compete with other highly-developed CMS systems. More importantly, we've made some crucial design decisions along the way that allow Cotonti to be used as a webdevelopment framework rather than just a content management system. It's the biggest step we've taken with Cotonti so far, and it's a great leap towards Renaissance.

The community itself is also set to be changed. We intend to aim at a more professional audience and we're working on a new website for Cotonti.com. Not only will it get a fresh look, it's largely focussed on restructuring the entire website, including the downloads section and documentation. The documentation itself will also be revised, improved and extended.

Siena has just reached Beta state and is now ready for testing by wider audience. New beta builds are available every hour. Please have a look at it and let us know about any bugs you may find. Note that it's not yet possible to upgrade from Genoa, neither we recommend using the Beta on production sites, for that you will have to wait for the stable release.

Good luck, have fun and happy coding in 2011!

1. Lombi  2011-01-05 22:24
2. Lissbol  2011-01-07 18:25
3. EmperoR  2011-01-17 01:16
Nice one, looking forward to implementing Cotonti again on my website when I have time :( Also happy new year to all Contonti members and you Koradhil ;)
4. fade2k  2011-01-28 10:44
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