Cotonti Genesis 0.0.3 Cotonti Genesis 0.0.3

A new release is available

Less than a month after 0.0.2, Cotonti Team is proud to announce you another release that solves all the problems which were found while testing previous release.

Since this release, our branches have their own names. So, the 0.0.x branch is called Genesis. The following major branch 0.1.x has codename Renaissance.

What's new in this release:
  • Fixed over 25 bugs and defects after testing 0.0.2.
  • Removed jQuery UI from the core. Use it in your skins if you need it.
  • Multi-tab pages act the same way as in Seditio.
  • Added optional GZIP static resource compressor and cache control utility.
  • Improved XHTML validation.
  • Various small enhancements.


1. Joy  2009-02-24 17:10
2. KillerSneak  2009-03-12 16:33
Great. this is the release that ill be going to upgrade to. Seems like it finally starting to get mature.
3. tensh  2009-06-23 19:29
There are no global TPL tags in the TPL Tags repository. Or maybe they were deleted?
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