Cotonti 0.0.2 Release and The Grand Opening Cotonti 0.0.2 Release and The Grand Opening

Cotonti goes public!

Welcome to the new world of Cotonti! It is a new CMF which has inherited the best of Seditio and is in constant progress. If you wonder what has changed since Seditio, here is a message in language of numbers:
  • 6 months of work
  • 12 developers contributed
  • 50 testers involved
  • 185 tickets closed
  • over 200 changes since v121
  • over 470 revisions in SVN
  • over 6000 posts in disputes
  • one belief for all

Excited? Don't wait any longer, follow the white rabbit:

1. esclkm  2009-02-02 02:40
2. Kingsley  2009-02-02 11:28
this is great.. My boss gonna hate it for sure (seeing I have to be up and running in less than 2 hrs) but screw him for the next couple of days.. My enthousiasm is getting to the level that I rly need to take a valium to calm myself.. LOL

the smilies aren't working though, not on my localhost and not on this site..
3. sbardy  2009-02-02 17:38
GL guys!
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