Siena 0.9.19-rc1 Siena 0.9.19-rc1

Cotonti Siena 0.9.19 Release candidate 1

Cotonti 0.9.19 Release candidate 1 is available for testing — download and test.

Huge list of fixes, inprovements and new features can be found in release notes.


1. Gökhan YILDIZ  2016-03-23 11:25

The new version has finally arrived :)

2. jCube Group  2016-03-24 20:13

Когда релиз?

3. Lover  2016-03-26 10:35

Full version when time public ? if i use tihs rc version for my project so i can have problem ?

4. Macik  2016-03-28 15:36

due to low activity of Cotonti community, it's hard to predict time to catch hidden bugs in RC version. Technically it's almost done for release. But history says we need 1-2 weeks so people had to test it on real projects. 
Inspite of this chance to get problems depends not on RC itself but on what version and environment you use in your project now.

5. Lover  2016-03-29 00:50

Thank you macik , i will use this version on my project.

6. Roffun  2016-03-31 15:49

Сейчас попробую на рабочем проекте обновиться.

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