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Page date resets and looks as 01.01.1970

#1 2013-02-25 17:58


Hello all.

After upgading to latest Sienna from 0.9.9 I got as mentioned weird Date problem.

After editing page (for ex. with 02.02.2012) date becomes 01.01.1979 (in any theme, in form it looks like nothing at all - "-")

The same situation with creating new page - never mind wich date I placed - it became "-" (and in page view - 01.01.1970)


Please, help me - just say where to digg, or what it can be?

thank you, wbr Alex

#2 2013-02-25 19:21

It is probably because date format has changed? I don't know if I recall correctly. I would do the following:

- check out the page add/edit templates of new nemesis skin and your old skin - are the date tags the same?
- check if the field in the database is a correct type
- possibly check if you went through all upgrade steps - maybe there was some kind of script that was converting date to new format?


#3 2013-02-26 15:10

Thank you.

It looks like all dates and times of page beeing saved (published) were reset. So yes, all tags in places.

 And what do you mean - correct type of db field - how to check it?

And how can I check those scripts, converting date to a new format?

#4 2013-02-27 09:19

These were just my wild guesses... I think Cotonti developers will be of better help, because I'm not sure.

The only thing I recall is that the handling of timezones was changed. I don't know the details, sadly :(

Maybe also try to set in your profile default Nemesis skin and edit page through this skin? Check out if the date also gets reset. Also make sure all files were refreshed to new version. Also, purge the cache because template cache might be loading old tags.