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How can i sort my list page by Desc

#41590 2016-04-05 20:25

How can i sort my ? 

I am aware how to do it with a link:  index.php?e=page&c=data&s=desc

how can i do this in my .tpl  thank you.


    <!-- BEGIN: LIST_ROW -->
<div   style="margin:10px; width:560px; float:left;">	

    <div   class="row-fluid">
      <div  class="span12" >
      <!-- ENDIF -->
        <!-- IF {LIST_ROW_DESC} --><p>{LIST_ROW_DESC}</p><!-- ENDIF -->
        <!-- IF {PHP.usr.isadmin} --><p>{LIST_ROW_ADMIN} ({LIST_ROW_COUNT})</p><!-- ENDIF -->
          <!-- IF {LIST_ROW_TEXT_IS_CUT} --><br /><a href="{LIST_ROW_URL}" class="btn btn-small btn-primary">{PHP.L.ReadMore}</a><!-- ENDIF -->
      </div><!-- /span12 -->
    </div><!-- /row-fluid -->
    <!-- END: LIST_ROW -->