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#39862 2014-09-10 00:03

Moved the site today to a different server on hosting.



cannot login with my account no matter what, i've tried changing my password and username in the database and still no luck.


ive changed the value in the config file with the comments that say "set to 1" if you have trouble logging in. i have ip check to false...


the site works but i cannot login... wth ?

Added 31 minutes later:

i fixed this by going to config php and changing the "cache" variable to FALSE , reloading the page and logging in... then it worked. i turn the cache back on and it still works.


the login panel was acting a little funny and wouldnt log me out so i went to admin panel >other > internal cache and purged all.. same with the disk cache.


hope that helps anyone in the future searching

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