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#39492 2014-05-01 16:29

Thank you for a such a broad descriprion of how your plugin works, but anyway, for some reason, your solution didn't work for me properly. Here's the tagsort plugin — that seems, the tags.first hook simply doesn't correspond with the Tags plugin settings. There are 4 options of how to sort the pages, just like it used to be, no "Author", no "Begin date", nothing.

I could of course make some mistake, and your help with it would be very much appreciated.

It's quite strange. 

I had checked you archive and it works fine for me —

What about versions that you use (Cotonti and Tags plugin)?

I use Siena version and


of `Tags` plugin 

Above that, if you don't mind, I found an issue, which could be rather important for your plugin users, particularly for those like me, lacking the experience of writing plugins for their needs. Right after filling up the second section, "Misc", I found out that clicking "Submit" simply doesn't change anything. No output, no answer, the button just leaves everything how it was. I tried refilling the data 3 or 4 times, before I cought what was wrong. The issue here is that user doesn't know where exactly plugin tries to create a subfolder /created. The right answer is: in /datas, but who knows that? :) Therefore, this could be a good idea to give user a short hint, like, "Make /datas writable, we will do the rest", or something.

Thank you for your opinion.

First of all. it should be displayed Log message (like here: )
As for target dir, you are right — I forgot that by default its location is `datas/created/`. It can be altered via plugin settings.
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