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Plugin for users to report broken download links or report rule breaking pages

#39116 2014-01-30 04:14

I tried to search up and down and maybe i missed it, but surely, there must be a plugin / extension somewhere out there for users to report broken DL links and other such?


We have many pages on the site with download links, thousands I think.  So its really hard to keep track of everything when images in the description or file links for the download do not work anymore, users just comment over and over that the link is broken, but that doesn't help us.


I was thinking maybe to make a "REPORT BROKEN LINK" button and have it PM a list of users with administration rights.

But the problem with this is, I would like to standardize the message on the pm title and body text.. as well as include the link tot he DL page... I can't rely on the users reporting the page to remember to do all of that.. they just simply will mess anything up given the chance.


Any idea?

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