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#39094 2014-01-27 00:19

I need some help with two things, 


How can I allow users with a lower rank validate pages ? I want my moderators level 40 or so to be able to be able to validate a page submitted by our members... they cannot do this.. 


I do not want to give them more access than this, so upping their rank to administrator level is out of the question, what file can I modify to directly change this or is it not that simple?





I cannot figure out how to make the pages sortable by DATE or AUTHOR etc, with GENOA, the same tag used to call the table colum header/names would also make them clickable to sort by that cell two ways. In siena, the same TAG does bring the text but without being clickable to sort.


I hope you understand what I mean, see here.


Before updating to Siena, clicking DATE or AUTHOR would sort them...


Any help would be appreciated.


I have another topic open "tips for performance in siena" with a question about using memcache, if you have any idea on that at all and could help me there i would appreciate it !



Thank you !

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