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#38693 2013-12-02 03:22

We all know what the facebook notification center is, the style the layout the methods etc.


We also all know cotonti doesn't come packaged with any good modern way of notifing the user of :


New Pm's

Replies to threads the user posted in.

Comments on a Page submitted by the user.

etc etc basically any notification the user can get from anything they submitted comments / posts / content to.

Using this plugin on the header, like FB (and this site) would be great, but when clicking a drop down box like the one on FB pops down and shows the last recent notifications.


Tags / Likes 


The tags and like functions on FB really proved to be useful, on our larger community Siena based sites, it would be nice to see similiar functions available.

 TPL Tags for "like" " {FB_LIKE} " for webmasters to put anywhere they want, in forum post rows / shoutbox comments / download pages  etc anywhere needed.



I know for Genoa, i've seen and used notifier plugins like thread subscribers and such, but those PM'ed the user and could pile up VERY quickly.



Let me know your thoughts, yes this is a request, not an announcement that I have such a plugin, sadly.


Honestly, i'm surprised there hasn't been more than one example out there now for download.



Added 11 months later:

So almost a year later I sitll believe this is a powerful feature.




having facebook style notification (popup not needed really) - just red number somewhere on header to show you have some updates



somebody replied to a thread you posted or posted within


somebody sent you a message


somebody liked / thanked your comment / page / post etc



Does anyone not agree that this wouldn't be a great idea? 

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