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Topic for html5 boilerplate theme for cotonti

#36885 2013-01-27 13:09

Hi, I started working on a theme for Cotonti based on the html5 boilerplate. The theme is basically symisun stripped down and add in the boilerplate. I also tried to redo some of the code in the theme to fit html5 tags where id="header" or id="footer" is no longer nesscary at the top and bottom of the page. Since both tags can be replaced with a header and footer tag. I have not made a screenshot because it is so stripped down and is just the same pages with almost no styling what so ever. Tell me what you think and where I need to improve it.


The theme: (EDIT: see my reply for the file)

Compatibility: Siena only. I started with siena so focusing on a older version would be a undertaking that I can't do coming into this cms at this point.


0.1: First version framework

0.1.1: Rewrite into nemesis



  • Create tpls for news and pages: News for the index of news that uses the article, section, and other tags that will organize it.Pages will be a simple section block. Most of these such tags will just be organizing tools for the code so that it is readable.
  • Delete unnesscary Nemesis styling

Here is the link to download this theme from github

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