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blocks and links navigation?

#36699 2013-01-05 21:16

You have probably put the block right under the admin black, and before

    <!-- ENDIF -->
    <!-- IF {INDEX_POLLS} -->

place your block after the <!-- ENDIF --> but before the <!-- IF {INDEX_POLLS} -->


Everything put between the statement below is concidered te be for the administrator's eyes only. A user of visitor , whcich have lesser rights than you can't see what's in between.

<!-- IF {PHP.usr.isadmin} -->

put content here

  <!-- ENDIF -->

another example is this one:

    <!-- IF {INDEX_POLLS} -->


    <!-- ENDIF -->

This statement tells the system that if  there is a poll that the block mush be shown, otherwise the content between the open and close statement will not be visible.


Here is a link that tells you more on this subject: