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like above

#36379 2012-12-02 16:02

hey guys, before i made this topic i diged a bit and didnt found nothing releated to my "problem"?!

anyway i never noticed it before till it didnt caused promes on my site, to the point, one of my low level admins edited my acount, the thing i want to ask is... is it normal that lower rank can edit higher rank user? is there a way to "forbiden" it? i didnt noticed any setting in admin panel, im running GENOA  0 6 23

Other thing, i had like 50 innactive users, wanted to re-send them activation link, i have no idea how to do it in genoa but ive used T3 Postman, first ive tested it on my other acount (for testing) when the email came i clicked  the link for activation, browser moved me to my site and i saw: "DOne, user deleted" lol, i think that old plugin cause it, help?


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