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An updated Events\Calendar plugin

#27180 2010-11-20 17:38
99% potential clients would need the following capabilities:
- search through events
- tag events
- comment events
- rate events
- flexibility to manage events
- see events categories in the sitemap
Initially I planned to use Korandil's events plugin to cover events/calendar requirements for one of our projects, but very quickly I had to discard the idea because this would have required a lot of extra work without any flexibility.
Basically, I would have to say to my client:
- I have to hack the search plugin, so if it is upgraded in a future Cotonti release, you'd have to re-hack it, or maybe I'll do it if I have time
- no
- no
- no
- maybe
- no
On top of that, if the client selects to add, let us say, entrance fee or something else, I would have to modify the plugin over again and adjust the db also.
Having considered that, we decided to use pages/lists for events and write our own (pretty small) calendar plugin to have a calendar representation of pages/lists. Plus we used our own Bookmarks Pro plugin to cover attendance requirements. Simple and effective.
Right now the client has events that everyone can:
- search through
- tag
- comment
- rate
Event categories (just like any page cat) is in the sitemap, and if I have to add any extra events info like fee, address, location, type, etc, I simply use extrafields.
I apologize if I anyone got hurt due to the aforementioned. - создание сайтов, разработка плагинов и тем для Котонти