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An updated Events\Calendar plugin

#27166 2010-11-20 04:17
Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on an updated version of the Events\Calendar plugin. (See Here)

Feature List / Updates / Bug Fixes (so far)
  • Support for sed-light skin
  • Support for Pages
  • Support for Aliased Pages
  • Linked Users with Spoiler style show/hide.
  • New Tags {EVENTS_REMAININGSLOTS} - For showing how many places are still available.
  • New layout for event pages
  • User avatars next to username
  • New details page layout (Work in progress) with show/hide functionality for attendees -
  • Added Mini Calendar to Event Details page
  • Per-event icons
  • Private\Public Event Locations with Country and Flag icon
  • Fixed {EVENTEDIT_PAGETITLE} and {EVENTEDIT_SUBTITLE} language values not showing up.
  • Fixed incompatability with SED-Light template in event.edit.tpl and event.add.tpl
  • Support for Facebook 'Like' or 'Reccomend' buttons. (In progress)
  • New mode added for m parameter 'attendees' with params 'id' and 'state' - (This will be shown in a popup window for each availability state or directly with the URL in a normal window with a View All option underneath each state.)
  • New configuration option EventDetailsMaxAttendeesDisplay = 10 (Default is 10 per category).
  • New configuration option ShowEventAttendeesInPopup = 1 (Default is 1 (True))
  • Support for Full-Calendar display by Category c=CatName
  • - Demo: Here
Next things planned are
  • Support for per-user or per-group event filtering or on-page display in Users section. (So that the plugin can be used as an availability matrix for teams).
  • Event Sorting by Date, Name or Category
  • Event Filtering by Category
  • Pre-Event Opt-In E-mail Notfications
  • Event Comments
  • Admin ability to Add/Remove attendees
  • Re-written English language file (Nothing wrong with the old one, just changed the wording)
  • TPL Support for categories events.*.tpl
  • User specific events (Public Calendar)
  • Non-attendance events (Team Whereabouts, eg: MIHSoft team is at IP Expo)
  • New BBCode for Events which links to a mini event description
  • jQuery or similar hover over link (day/date) for event information
  • Direct links to Calendar in Events page for easy switching between the Calendar and the Events plugins
  • New Event Category Colours to distinguish events from different categories in the Calendar (Suggested by Hodges)


Avatars next to usernames

Updated Details page

Latest Demo: Here


Beta 2.2.08 is now available - Download - (This includes an updated SQL script based on the original update posted by Trustmaster in the original Event Calendar v2.1 download).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a first beta and many of the functions are still being actively worked on. The code may contain bugs, defects and or other issues and is provided with no warranty of any kind, implied or otherwise. Some of the functons present in the BETA may not be present in the final versions. I do not recommend using this on LIVE sites, it is for testing purposes only, please excercise extreme caution!.

Installation instructions

Step 1: Run the appropriate SQL script for your version.
Step 2: Copy the Events and Calendar folders to the Plugins directory on your server.
Step 3: Open the Admin panel and Install the plugin.
Step 4: Navigate to plug.php?e=events and plug.php?e=calendar

Disclaimer: I am not and do not claim to be the original author and\or creator of the plugin mentioned at the top of this post.
[b]Know the question and you will be far more likely to get an answer.[/b]

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