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A friendly GUI to fill date fields

#24448 2010-05-04 05:01
manipulating dates is not something you do often with Cotonti
Ah no?! Everytime a user wants to insert a New in homepage and decide when that New has to appear and when would diappear... this is the most important activity for a frontpage site with many contibutors writing contents. At least 10-15 times a day!

Me and Koradhil were only saying that, for implementing plugins (I can make my own like I've ever done, from LDU 600, I don't need a ready-made solution) we have to make the core able to hook them...
I was remarking that, FOR EXAMPLE, the actual page-date/begin/expire is very hard to integrate with a plugin (not only a JsDatepicker) if we have FIVE select-fields to set a single date!

So, what solution should/can we make?
Koradhil's one:
supporting two formats: seperate fields (existing) and a combined field, allowing for developers to choose between input formats.
in [color=#729FCF][b]BLUES[/b][/color] I trust