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Choose the most practical variant

#23525 2010-03-13 21:48
# Koradhil : What about per page, with an option to enable/disable for the entire category (much like checking/unchecking an entire group of checkboxes) ?

That one has my vote.
Per page is in my opion really very handy as for example with a community website some people seem to feel the need to start a nice flamewar in a certain news item page or people who hate x person rate his work (on the downloadpages) down. So, being able to disable those per item will at least fix that problem :)

I know some of you will say.........moderate those better but for example with the ratings you have no proof of who is doing what (no logs who is rating what and how) so there is not much you can do.
And till now we always forbid any further comments if the replies posted about a news item really go way to far.
Not to mention the fact some authors do just not want their releases being rated, or want all comments to be posted in a specific topic about his release.

Just leaving my thought about this as how things go on my website :)
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