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Choose the most practical variant

#23514 2010-03-13 14:32
We are reorganizing comments and ratings a bit, so in Siena there will be support for third-party comments or ratings implementations.

As things are being changed, we need to decide how comments and ratings are enabled. Currently you enable them per category in the administration panel.

Here are pros and cons:

Per page (item)
Pros: you can enable/disable comments for every single page if you want
Cons: is enabled by default, so may require you a bit more clicks if you need to disable them in many pages

Per category
Pros: easy to enable/disable in entire categories
Cons: cannot enable/disable for single items

Pros: combines pros from both above options, compensates the downsides
Cons: is more complicated and will affect performance (slow down a bit)

So please vote which option is the most practical for you.
May the Source be with you!