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using two or more domains to show unique content

#12078 2009-05-05 16:39

Hey guys,

First I want to introduce my self here on the cotonti forums. I'm singh, I run the site which is powered by LDU 802 (lol) So you know why I'm here already.

I will be upgrading to sedito and then to cotonti (what a headache I can imagine!)

I have some questions first...

The biggest one is this..

Multiple domain names. can anyone suggest to me the best way to handle this...

The problem:

I want to have different domains , show different content when coming to the site. For example, typing in the main domain would show ALL the news posts.. but typing in another domain would show only news post from a certain category. This is what I need to do because we are expanding into other areas (other games to mod) and we want to make sure users dont get flooded with content they dont want to see, on the home page especially.

So does cotonti support this, if not, how can I figure this out ?

And if cotonti does support this great idea, then how deep does it go ? What are all the features with it ?

Thanks guys ! BTW this text editor is BADASS! really looking forward to having it on my site !

And link to my site

A quick question about upgrading also. When upgrading to sedito, how strict is the process ? Do i have to go and manually change each thing it says in the documentation on neocrome to do so? Or can I skip some steps here and there because I wont be staying with that version, I'll be going to cotonti before releasing it public ? Thanks !

EDIT: err lol my location says india, that is true, but im only here on vacation to visit some family , i actually live in NY , i am here for 6 months however :) but thats really cool that the location was auto detected and filled out, I hate when thousands of my members have no location specified in their profile.

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