Change the default Cursor

What is this?
A simple plugin to change the default cursor for your site.

How does it work?
Make the cursor a crosshair and then loads an image for it in the img/ directory of the plugin.
Javascript must be on.

How do I install?
Install it like any normal plugin.
No additional stuff to do.

After install refresh the page a few times.

To Change Image
On your sites directory, go to plugins.
Locate cursors, then img/

Find an image.gif that you think looks nice, upload it to img/ and rename it to cursor.gif
Replace the current image if needed.



1. robotik  2009-09-20 21:12
Very Cool!
2. 3axap  2009-09-21 00:03
hm..... nice.
But dont work in Opera 10.0
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