Usergroups Plugin

Small tool designed to output data for a specific usergroup

While developing or HTML-coding a Cotonti-powered website you ofter come across a situation when you have to output separate HTML code for different groups. Let's say, you need a block for admins only. The standard solution looks like:

<!-- IF {PHP.usr.maingrp} == 5 -->
This text is for admins only
<!-- ENDIF -->

This, however, only works for a main usergroup. What if you assign a secondary group "Donator" for a member of the "Members" group? 

Usergroups is a tiny plugin designed to give Cotonti developer capability to output any HTML code for a specific user group using conditions like:

<!-- IF {PHP.usr.groups.8} -->
This text is for members of group #8
<!-- ENDIF -->

1. Kingsley  2011-07-25 11:20

Strange how you never think of it, until you can start using it :)

this is such a case.. thx kort

2. esclkm  2011-08-01 21:13

Thank Kort! Lets give for everyone all plugins developed by me!

3. Kort  2011-10-13 06:50

Only when I get back all the money for the work -- both unfinished and not even done by you (which I am sure I won't, for you do not have the money) -- only then you will be entitled to call these plugins "developed by you". Cheers!

4. Kopusha  2017-03-05 14:56

За деньгами от Паши есть очередь оказывается)

5. Kort  2017-03-09 12:25

Да, этот успел понабрать авансов и слинял горчишники ставить

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