Hide Future Pages

Hides pages from feeds and lists until the date set to display.

What this plugin does:

1. Hides pages that are set to display in the future from lists and feeds. Normally, pages set for a future date
are still displayed in lists and feeds and will just display how long until the page will display.
2. (optional, see below) Allows pages to expire on the date set. 
3. Ability to ajust the default number of years until a page expires.
4. Provides an administration tool to manage hidden future pages; Administration -> Tools -> Hide Future Pages
Backup your database as a precaution.

1. Download, unpack and upload the hidefuturepages plugin folder to your plugin directory.
2. Install the plugin in the administration panel.
3. Check the plugin's configurations in the plugin administration to make sure everything is set to your

How to allow pages to expire:

Warning: Allowing pages to expire while having pages in a one year or older seditio/cotonti installation
may cause those pages to be deleted. You should backup your database before enabling this feature.

Pages by default will be set as a hidden page that can only be viewed in the administration tool. You can change this to delete the pages instead by changing a setting in the plugin configuration.

You must add the following line anywhere in your datas/config.php to allow pages to expire:

$cfg['allowpageexpire'] = TRUE;

1. pieter  2011-08-13 09:18

Are the pages deleted when expiring? Or are they just not displayed.

I like the second option.

2. Xerora  2011-08-15 08:30

Originally it was only deleting the pages. I took your advice and made it hide the pages by default instead of deleteing them. The pages that are hidden can be viewed in the tool and the option to delete the pages is still there.


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