Adds rel="nofollow" attribute to external links

This plugin adds rel="nofollow" to all external absolute links in pages, posts, comments, etc.

Requires Cotonti Siena 0.9.4 or higher. You can get the latest build here.

1. wAppp  2012-05-09 19:31

Скачивается зип-архив сборки всей Сиенны - так и должно быть?

2. foxhound  2012-09-29 09:35

Very nice plugin. For anyone who also wishes that external links open in a new page you can change this in the plugin.
$m[5] = (mb_strpos($m[5], 'rel="') === false) ? 'rel="nofollow"'.$m[5] : str_replace('rel="', 'rel="nofollow ', $m[5]);
$m[6] = (mb_strpos($m[6], 'target="') === false) ? 'target="_blank"'.$m[6] : str_replace('target="', 'target="_blank ', $m[6]);

 return '<a'.$m[1].'href="http'.$m[3].'://'.$m[4].'" '.$m[5].'>';
 return '<a'.$m[1].'href="http'.$m[3].'://'.$m[4].'" '.$m[5].' '.$m[6].'>';

3. n0fx  2017-05-16 14:03

this plugin should be integrated into to cotonti core files.

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